Outstanding Achievement in Adolescent Health and Medicine

The Outstanding Achievement Award in Adolescent Medicine was established in 1981. The intent of this award is to recognize individuals nationally and internationally for their commitment to improving the health and health care resources for adolescents and young adults.

Year Recipients
2023 Neville Golden, MD
2022 Venkatraman CHANDRA-MOULI
2021 Catherine Gordon, MD, MSc
2020 Pierre-Paul Tellier, MD, FSAHM
2019 David Anthony Ross, PhD, MSC, MA, BMBCh
2018 Lawrence J. D’Angelo, MD, MPH
2017 Linda H. Bearinger, PhD, RN, FAAN, FSAHM
2016 Elizabeth R. Woods, MD, MPH, FSAHM
2015 Evelyn Eisenstein, MD, DSc
2014 Dennis Fortenberry, MD, MS
2013 David S. Rosen, MD, MPH, FSAHM
2012 Richard E. Kreipe, MD, FSAHM, FAAP, FAED
2011 S. Jean Emans, MD, FSAHM
2010 Donald Greydanus, MD, FSAHM
2009 Donald P. Orr, MD
2008 Renee Jenkins, MD
2007 Lawrence S. Neinstein, MD
2006 Tomas José Silber, MD
2005 Richard Jessor, PhD
2004 J. Richard Udry, PhD
2003 Dale C. Garell, MD
2002 Kristina Berg-Kelly, MD, PhD
2001 Natalia M. Tanner, MD
2000 Abigail English, JD
1999 Charles E. Irwin, Jr., MD
1998 Richard G. MacKenzie, MD
1997 James J. Papai, MPH
1996 George D. Comerci, MD
1995 Stanford B. Friedman, MD
1994 Joe M. Sanders, Jr., MD
1993 Robert W. Blum, MD, PhD
1992 Iris F. Litt, MD
1991 Joseph L. Rauh, MD
1990 Hania W. Ris, MD
1989 Elizabeth R. McAnarney, MD
1988 William A. Daniel, Jr., MD
1987 H. Verdain Barnes, MD
1986 Felix P. Heald, MD
1985 Michael I. Cohen, MD
1983 Hilary E.C. Millar, MD
1982 William A. Long, Jr., MD
1981 Adele D. Hofmann, MD
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