SAHM Committees

SAHM members are encouraged to volunteer for committees on which they would like to serve each year. New Committee members are appointed annually in the spring and are appointed by the President based on bylaws requirements, space available, the needs of the committee, applicant interest and expertise and demographic balance.

The following committees conduct much of SAHM’s business week to week and year to year.

  • Finance Committee: Secretary Treasurer, Devon Hensel, PhD, FSAHM (Chair)

  • Nominations Committee: Immediate Past President, Manuel Ángel Oscós-Sánchez, MD (Chair)

  • Publications Editorial Board: Director of Publications, Jonathan Ellen, MD (Chair) Learn more about the Publications Editorial Board

  • Program Committee: Director of Programs, Chinwe Efuribe, MD, MPH (Chair) Learn more about the Annual Meeting Program Committee

  • Student-Trainee Council: Student-Trainee Representative, Colbey Ricklefs, MD Learn more about the Student-Trainee Council

  • Advocacy Committee: Joanna Brown, MD, MPH (Chair) and Abigail English, JD (Senior Policy Fellow)

  • Diversity Committee: Romina Barral, MD (Chair)

  • Education Committee: Risa Turetsky, BSN, FNP, MPH (Chair)

  • Multidisciplinary Membership Committee: Chair(s) TBA

  • Research Committee: Chair(s) TBA

  • Workforce Committee: Chair(s) TBA

  • Youth Engagement Committee: Chair(s) TBA

  • Eating Disorders Committee: Maya Kumar, MD (Chair)

  • Mental Health Committee: Heather Austin, PhD (Chair)

  • Nutrition Committee: Celia Framson, MPH, RD, CSP (Co-Chair) & Preeti Galagali, MD (Co-Chair)

  • Reproductive Health Committee: May Lau, MD, MPH, FSAHM (Chair)

  • Sexual and Gender Diverse Health Committee: Joseph Waters, MD (Chair)

  • STI/HIV/AIDS Committee: Neerav Desai, MD (Chair)

  • Substance Use Committee: Lauren Bell, MPH, MD (Co-Chair) & Swati Bhave, MD, DCH, FIAP, FAAP(H) (Co-Chair)

  • Vaccinations Committee: Liana Clark, MD, MS (Chair)

  • Violence Prevention Committee: Katelin Blackburn, MD (Co-Chair) & Felicia Scott-Wellington, MD (Co-Chair)

  • Awards Review – Career: Chair TBA

  • Awards Review – Research: Chair TBA

  • Awards Review – Service: Chair TBA

  • FSAHM Review: Edward McCabe, DO, MPH, FSAHM

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