FSAHM Application Process

SAHM offers Fellow status in a variety of categories. Click to view requirements for each discipline:

Applications packages for all Fellow status categories should be emailed to SAHM HQ at info@adolescenthealth.org.  Applications should be provided as one PDF document.

The application package includes:

  1. Completed application.  Find the application specific to the fellow status category you wish to apply for above.
  2. Curriculum Vitae: Applicants are asked to provide a CV that is no longer than five (5) pages to demonstrate their commitment to adolescent health/medicine, including but not limited to: (1) current position; (2) education; (3) licenses (if applicable);  (4) principal positions held; (5) professional activities including: (a) service to professional/community organizations; (b) other creative activities including (i) publications;  (ii) clinical services; (iii) teaching and mentoring; (iv) program development/evaluation; (v) research; (vi) advocacy
  3. Letters of Recommendation: Submission of letters of recommendation or documentation is required from two current FSAHM members indicating first-hand knowledge of the applicants’ educational and professional background, including: (a) contributions to the field of adolescent health and/or medicine, including work and other creative activities and service to professional/community organizations and/or publications, especially those focused on adolescent health/medicine; (b) current position including a brief description of work/creative activities; (c) commitment to SAHM supported by length of membership and involvement in committees or other service-related activities; (d) moral and ethical character; and (e) current standing in the field, including to their knowledge that the candidate has not had their professional license to practice suspended or revoked.
  4. Professional Education and/or Credentials RequirementsView specific requirements per discipline.
  5. Licensure RequirementsView specific requirements per discipline.
  6. Demonstration of at least five years of special interest in adolescent healthView specific requirements per discipline.


Application packages will be reviewed by the FSAHM Review Committee. Approval by two-thirds majority of the FSAHM Review Committee will be required for designation of Fellow of the Society. An applicant, twice rejected for Fellow status by the FSAHM Review Committee, will have the right of appeal to the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors shall have the right to waive degree or board certification requirements for individuals who have exhibited special professional activities in the field of adolescent health.

Fellow status certificates shall be presented to newly qualified members at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine.


Completed application packages are to be submitted to SAHM Headquarters via email, as one PDF document.

Revised 05/16/2022

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