Rocky Mountain Regional Chapter

The Rocky Mountain Regional Chapter has approximately 100 multidisciplinary members. The 2016 Executive Committee reflects the multidisciplinary composition of its membership. 

RM-SAHM 2016 Executive Committee
  • Gordon Duvall, MSW – President 
  • Peggie Baikie, DNP, RN – Past President and secretary
  • Logan McHenry, PA-C – Treasurer
  • Molly Richards, MD – Conference Chair and Course Director
  • Laura Hix, MS, PA-C – Conference committee
  • Roberta (Robin) Beach, MD and Ron Eagar, MD – Awards Committee 
  • Bill Wimett, NP – Newsletter and Membership Chair 
  • Lynn Wimett, NP – Membership Chair 
  • Sadie Bustam – Youth Member

The Executive Committee meets four times a year to plan educational meetings and the annual spring dinner meeting. Sub-committees are formed to meet special planning needs throughout the year. The Hot Topics in Adolescent Medicine Conference sub-committee reports to the Executive Committee during the conference planning stage. RM-SAHM holds an annual Board Retreat in the fall.

Meetings held in 2015:
  • January 2015 – Winter meeting Regional Chapter Award to Meagan Singleton and  CME on adolescent pregnancy
  • April 2015  – Annual Spring Dinner Meeting with the presentation of the 2015 Kathleen Ann Mullen Award  to Dr. Judith Shlay for outstanding leadership and advocacy in the field of  the high risk and underserved adolescents.
  • September 2015 – Summer meeting – CME – Kids and Cops bridging the Gap.
  • October 2015  Annual Hot Topics in Adolescent Health Conference held at the Children’s Hospital. 100 participants from multiple disciplines were in attendance. 
  • January 2016 – Regional Chapter award to Bonnie Harkins for her leadership and dedication to adolescents in the Division of Youth Correstions

RM-SAHM communicates with its members and friends through a web-based e-group system, which is sent to approximately 250 adolescent practitioners in this region. Please visit our website  

Join this chapter — membership in SAHM is not required to join a chapter, but you are invited to join. 

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