In this space, SAHM seeks to provide important resources, handouts, toolkits and treatment protocols for healthcare providers to use in their practices.

Anti-Racism Toolkit 

toolkit to provide access to resources to help adolescent health professionals combat racism, promote racial justice, reduce health disparities, and advance health equity for youth.

Adolescent And Young Adult Clinical Care Resources

The Adolescent and Young Adult Clinical Care Resources is a benefit exclusive to SAHM members and includes clinical care guidelines and resources specific to adolescents or regarding a population which includes adolescents. 

Resources aimed specifically for adolescents and parents can also be found and include one-page reference sheet PDFs that health care providers and youth serving professionals can offer to adolescents and parents looking for additional information.

Resources For Adolescents And Parents

Resources for Adolescents and Parents are online resources aimed specifically at adolescents and young adults and their parents.  Health care providers and youth serving professionals can offer these additional resources or print a PDF one-page reference sheet to adolescents and parents looking for additional information, including support groups, peer networks, helplines, treatment locators, and advocacy opportunities.

SAHM Virtual Chat Series

The SAHM Virtual Chat Series provides opportunities for SAHM members to join together virtually to discuss topics of professional interest including: promotion of adolescent health and wellness; optimal care delivery; advocacy priorities; professional development (mentoring, leadership, networking); personal wellness and vitality; racial justice; health equity; and youth engagement. While the format of each session may vary due to the nature of the topic, each installment will include an open forum style component where participants are encouraged to ask questions of one another, share experiences, challenges and the strategies used to overcome challenges. 

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