Curriculum User's Guide

In response to the transition to milestones and EPAs (entrustable professional activities) for medical education, the ACGME has asked individual subspecialty organizations to create learning objectives and educational materials within their subspecialty area to help guide resident training.
To this end, the SAHM education committee, with review and approval by the SAHM Board of Directors has developed a set of educational materials linking learning objectives for pediatric and other residents with educational resources to help achieve those objectives.  These objectives are broad and designed both for the four-week adolescent medicine rotation and for residents’ longitudinal learning throughout residency training, with the final goal of helping residents achieve competence in care of adolescent patients.
These resources are divided into ten content modules with specific content areas and linked resources. The adolescent curriculum is designed to supplement existing adolescent rotation teaching, or can be used as a guideline for program directors to develop or revamp their rotation. We are aware that the amount of material is more than can be covered during the required four weeks, and hope that educators will use these materials in a way that optimizes their existing program.  For example, programs which already have robust teaching in a specific content area, like eating disorders, may not use these resources, but may use the curriculum to bolster their teaching in a less well-rounded content area, like substance use and abuse.
This resource is here for you to use in whatever ways it supports your adolescent medicine teaching. We have done our best to include different educational teaching modes and interactivity. Please feel free to provide us with feedback on this curriculum: what works, what doesn’t, how we can improve it, what additional resources you would like to be added, etc.… This curriculum will be a living educational resource and we will need YOUR feedback to keep it relevant and useful for educators and trainees alike.

Curriculum Modules – (download entire curriculum)

Please share any comments and/or feedback with us via email.

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