Maintenance and Fees


Membership in SAHM is a prerequisite for maintenance of Fellow status. Fellows who maintain membership in SAHM will be able to maintain lifetime FSAHM status. Fellows not maintaining membership in SAHM will be placed on “inactive Fellow status” during which the FSAHM designation cannot be used. To regain FSAHM status, persons must reapply for membership and for FSAHM status.

Instances of unauthorized use or misrepresentation of the SAHM Fellow status designation shall be investigated and reported to the Board of Directors. Sanctions shall include a letter of warning, loss of membership, publication in the Journal of Adolescent Health, and/or legal action.


FSAHM application and designation fees are proposed by the Secretary/Treasurer and approved by the Executive Committee.

The current one-time non-refundable FSAHM application fee is $75 US. 

The current one-time lifetime non-refundable FSAHM designation fee is $225 US. SAHM Headquarters will provide online invoices after receipt of application. 

FSAHM application and designation fees will be placed in unrestricted funds, with the intent that it be used by the Board to support special initiatives.

Revised 05/16/2022

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