Trauma and Stressor-Related Disorders Resources


General Trauma
Sexual Violence


General Trauma
Resource Guide: Tip 57: Trauma-Informed Care in Behavioral Health Services
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 2014
This manual assists behavioral health professionals in understanding the impact and consequences for those who experience trauma. It discusses patient assessment, treatment planning strategies that support recovery, and building a trauma-informed care workforce.
Factsheet: Anxiety Disorders in Children and Adolescents Fact Sheet
National Institute of Mental Health, 2015
This factsheet discusses anxiety disorder in children and adolescents, as well as information on recent studies and new approaches to treatment.
Report: Advance in Child and Adolescent Anxiety Disorder Research
American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 2015
This report review breakthroughs in the area of anxiety disorders in youth and the data available concerning anxiety symptoms and treatment options.
Toolkit: Community Action Toolkit
Stopbulling.Gov, 2015
This toolkit includes materials to create a community event using the research, ideas and bullying prevention and response strategies that are discussed in the Bully Prevention and Response Base Training Module. The toolkit will help communities plan, execute and assess an event to prevent and stop bullying
Sexual Violence
Please find additional resources in SAHM’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Clinical Care Resource: Sexual Violence.
Report: National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2010
This report presents information related to several types of violence. This report also provides the first ever simultaneous national and state-level prevalence estimates of violence for all states. 


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