COVID-19: Resources for Parents and Teens

COVID-19: Resources for Parents and Teens

We know that teens and their families are anxious about the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, especially given the media attention to this issue. During this time, it is important for teens and families to get information from reliable resources.

SAHM recommends that teens and their families review the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) websites for the most up to date information about COVID-19.

The CDC’s COVID-19 website provides detailed information about how to protect yourself and others, what to do if you think you are sick, and more.

The WHO’s COVID-19 website provides information about protecting yourself and others from getting sick, protection measures for those who have visited areas where COVID-19 is spreading, coping with stress, and more.

We also recommend the American Academy of Pediatrics’ website for information about COVID-19.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created many new stressors for teens and their families. SAHM has assembled resources addressing several topics including: teen mental health and coping; parenting and caring for one’s family; resources for online education; guide to discussing social distancing; and sexual health considerations. We hope these resources are helpful to you, and encourage you to share them through your networks.

Teen Mental Health and Coping

Addiction Medicine: COVID Guidance
From Yale University, this guidance addresses youth who are managing addiction, including vaping, during the COVID pandemic.
Blogging to Cope: An Opportunity for Teens to Blog
From the University of Pittsburgh, an opportunity for youth to contribute to a youth blog which may help teens cope with stress and anxiety during this time.
PsyberGuide: Tools for Mental Health Support
A compendium of online tools for mental health support, including apps and websites, which are ranked based on credibility, evidence, usability, and safety.
How Teenagers Can Protect Their Mental Health During COVID-19
A resource from UNICEF for understanding youth anxiety and strategies for teens facing a “new” normal.

Helping Children Cope with COVID
From the National Association of School Psychologists, strategies for parents in English and Spanish on ways to help children cope with COVID)

National Suicide Prevention Hotline
The hotline provides help and support to anyone contemplating suicide

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration 
SAMHSA resources for individuals and family members facing mental and/or substance use disorders

Coping with grief and loss during COVID-19
Resources from the MGH Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds for helping children and adolescents cope with grief due to COVID-19 

Parenting and Caring for Your Family

Quaranteenagers: Strategies for Parenting in Close Quarters
Guidance for parents of teens using compassion during this crisis, from the New York Times.
Helping Families Cope With COVID-19
A guide for parents and caregivers to help support family coping, from the National Child Traumatic Stress Network. 

Now that your College Student is home   
Advice for parents of college students working from home

Tools and resources for families and caregivers during COVID-19
An encompassing list of resources for families compiled by Seattle Children’s Hospital and Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health. Includes strategies for parents of children with autism.

What to do if you and your teen don’t agree on social distancing
Advice from child and adolescent psychologist Dr. Barbara Greenberg to help get parents and teens on the same page when it comes to social distancing

Risks of summer activities
Experts rate the risk of 14 summer activities

What’s worrying teenagers right now
Information about what is worrying teenagers during the pandemic

Managing Anxiety over reopening
Strategies for parents and families to manage anxiety during reopening

Teenagers and re-opening
Tips for helping teens stay safe during reopening

Resources for Online Education

Life Skills Education
Educational activities to build life skills in day to day activities, from GCF/GCF Global.
Supporting Students Away from School
Curriculum Associates’ resources and guidance for educators and families to support home learning for students through grade 8, including printable “At-Home Activity Packs”. Also in Spanish.
How to Homeschool for Free During a School Closure
Ideas, resources, materials and more for homeschooling preparation for families.
Khan Academy for Remote Learning
Free resources for students, teachers and parents of youth Kindergarten through College. Includes lessons in multiple subjects as well as exercises to practice. Also have guides to plan learning.
Virtual Museum Tours
Online virtual museum tours from 12 international museums.

Talking about Social Distancing

The following articles are great resources for starting the conversation around social distancing. 
Written for Parents / Trusted Adults:

Written for Teens:

Sexual Health Considerations

Sex and Coronavirus Disease
Practical guidance on staying safe and making decisions about sex during the COVID-19 pandemic, from the NYC Department of Health and Hygiene.

SIECUS – Sex ED for Social Change: Homeschool Sex ED Resources
Resources for homeschool sex education 

Intimate partner violence/domestic violence during COVID-19

Intimate partner violence and domestic violence have increased during the pandemic, and the following are resources that may be helpful.

Eating Disorders and COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic may be affecting individuals with eating disorders in different ways, and the following are resources that may be helpful.

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