Career Development Award

The SAHM Career Development Award in Adolescent Health was defined in 1999. This award is directed at promoting interest in a career in the field of adolescent health. Two awards may be presented each year: one to an individual who has already declared an interest in adolescent health and is pursuing educational opportunities to meet that objective; and another to an individual who is not currently in a training program or other educational program that focuses on adolescent health.

Full-time students in the health professions, Residents/Interns, and Fellows-In-Training will be considered for this award.

Year Recipients
2022 Shivani Mathur Gaiha, PhD
2021 Titiana Ndjatou
2020 Adi Ziv, MD
2019 Asari Offiong, MPH, CPP
2017 Christina Akre, PhD
2016 Jason Nagata, MD, MSc
2015 Dina Romo, MD Maria Rahmandar
2014 Scott Hadland, MD
2013 Sherine Patterson-Rose, MD Bianka Reese
2012 Joshua S. Borus, MD Stanley Ray Vance, Jr., MD
2011 Maria Aramburu de la Guardia, MD
2009 Annie-Laurie McRee, MPH
2008 Sharonda Alston Taylor, MD
2007 Lisa K. Tuchman, MD, MPH
2006 Kristin E. Ito, MD
2005 Carolyn Garcia, MS, MPH Sara Jumping Eagle, MD
2004 Anita Chandra, MPH Marina Catallozzi, MD
2003 Jennifer C. Edman, MD Nava Stoffman, MD
2002 Robert J. Winn, MD Don Hayes, Jr., MD
2001 Tequilla A. Banks Jonathan M. Mansbach, MD
2000 Elizabeth S. Kelts Jonathan R. Pletcher, MD
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