Hofmann Visiting Professor

The Visiting Professorship in Adolescent Medicine and Health was named after Adele D. Hofmann in 2003 to honor her contributions to the field of adolescent medicine and health. During her 45-year career, she made profound contributions in such areas as: the legal rights of minors, teenage sexuality, adolescent behavior and the treatment of high-risk youth. 

The Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine offers this award to provide an educational experience in adolescent medicine to a group of healthcare providers who may not otherwise have the opportunity to benefit from the professor’s expertise. The designated professor will spend 2-4 days at a selected institution, offering training, guidance, or expertise to enhance the knowledge and skills of clinical or academic staff within the host institution.

Learn more about the application requirements and procedures, and download the Adele D. Hofmann Visiting Professor nomination form.

Learn more about the Adele D. Hofmann Visiting Professor and download the site application. 

Year Recipients
2021 Jonathan D. Klein, MD, MPH
2021 Jonathan Klein, MD, MPH
2020 Tamera Coyne-Beasley, MD, MPH, FAAP, FSAHM
2018 Leslie Walker-Harding, MD, FSAHM
2016 Sheryl Ryan, MD, FSAHM
2014 Robert T. Brown, MD, FSAHM
2013 Deborah Christie, PhD, FSAHM
2012 Miriam Kaufman, BSN, MD
2011 Paula K. Braverman, MD
2010 Dilipkumar R. Patel, MD
2009 Kenneth R. Ginsburg, MD, MEd
2008 Lawrence J. D’Angelo, MD, MPH
2007 Mary-Ann B. Shafer, MD
2006 Victor C. Strasburger, MD
2005 Frank M. Biro, MD
2004 Linda Holm Bearinger, PhD, MS
2003 Richard E. Kreipe, MD
2002 John W. Kulig, MD, MPH
2001 Richard C. Brown, MD
2000 Richard R. Brookman, MD
1999 Lawrence S. Neinstein, MD
1998 Gail B. Slap, MD
1997 Andrea M. Marks, MD
1996 Renee R. Jenkins, MD
1995 S. Jean Emans, MD
1994 S. Kenneth Schonberg, MD
1993 Robert W. Blum, MD, PhD
1992 Charles E. Irwin, Jr., MD
1991 George D. Comerci, MD
1990 Iris F. Litt, MD
1989 Elizabeth R. McAnarney, MD
1988 Richard G. MacKenzie, MD
1987 H. Verdain Barnes, MD
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