SAHM AM24 Recorded Sessions

The 2024 SAHM Annual Meeting offered a live-streaming virtual component featuring a selection of sessions throughout the conference. The recordings are available to view to anyone who registered for either in-person or virtual only as well as current SAHM members in good standing. CME/CE is not available for viewing these recordings.

Available Sessions

Plenary I/2024 Gallagher Lectures
(view recording)

  • OMG, What R They Thinking: Healthcare Decision-making with Adolescents – Douglas Diekema, MD, MPH
  • It’s My Body and I’ll Cry if I Want To: Balancing Adolescent Autonomy and Protection in Ontario’s Healthcare System – Adam Rapoport MD, FRCPC, MH.Sc
  • Youth Plenary Speaker: Teamwork and Trust: Adolescent Shared Decision-Making Now for Success Later – Anya Khurana

Plenary II(view recording)

  • What Sex Ed Needs in 2024: Comprehensive Means Intersectional – Justine Fonte M.Ed, MPH
  • Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE): A Global Overview – Venkatraman Chandra-Mouli, MBBS, MSc
  • Youth Plenary Speaker: “The Talk” for Adults: What young people hate about sex education & how providers can help – Alexandra Rojas

Plenary III(view recording)

  • Structural Racism – Bryana French PhD, LP
  • How Racism and Xenophobia Impact Child and Adolescent Health – Delan Devakumar
  • Youth Plenary Speaker: Nyaduoth S. Gatkuoth

Hot Topics I (view recording)

  • Changing the Game: How New Anti-Obesity Medications are Impacting Adolescent Weight Management Care – Maheen Quadri
  • From Nitazenes to Xylazine: Decoding Urine Drug Screens in the Age of Novel Substances – Alex Golec
  • Doxycycline as Post-Exposure Prophylaxis for Bacterial STI Prevention – Yasaman Ahmadieh, DO, MPH

Hot Topics II (view recording)

  • The Status of Over-the-Counter STI Testing in the United States: Recent Updates and Future Directions – Lea Widdice MD
  • Sustainability and Equity: Modern Menstrual Products for All – Alyssa Songveera
  • From Approval to the Shelves: Strategies for Realizing Over-the-Counter Access to Oral Contraceptives for Young People – Carmela Zuniga

Hot Topics III(view recording)

  • Are Pediatric Health Professionals Learning What They Need to Protect Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Youth From Violence and Victimization? – Katherine B. Greenberg MD
  • Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and Two Spirit People: A Global Adolescent Health Crisis – Alessandra Angelino MD
  • The ABCD (Adolescent Brain and Cognitive Development) Study: A Unique Opportunity for Adolescent Health Researchers – Sheryl Ryan MD, FSAHM

Platform Research Presentation: Charles E. Irwin, Jr. New Investigators(view recording)


  • You are Already Doing Harm Reduction! Learn how to make it work with substance use(view recording)
  • Make it Intersex Inclusive: Providing Affirming Care to Intersex Adolescents and Young Adults(view recording)
  • Building Critical Consciousness: YPAR and photovoice as tools to empower youth as health justice advocates(view recording)
  • Childhood vs. Adolescent Developmental Trajectories of Transgender and Non-Binary Youth(view recording)
  • Not So Small: Microaggressions in Medicine(view recording)
  • Improving Adolescent and Young Adult Health Through Knowledge and Action on Gender-Based Violence – (view recording)
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